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BEWi-Soft offers a business program (KPI with sample data for your functional tests of the program) for the significant control of company data for the Price of 119.- € or 476,00.- € incl. 19% VAT. The full version of the program is OPEN VBA SOURCE (200 T Programcode rows). 20 key data areas with each 8 key data are free definable. There are graphical figures on buttonclick chooseable, whereby each value against each value can be correlated. Grafical figures can be generated by button clicks for any different periods (any period and fix for 10 days, 20 days und 60 days). Y1, Y2, Y1+Y2 such as Y1/Y2 graphs are representable on button click and printable. Each value can be correlated with each value. With this controling instrument you get and hold the overview over your company modules like invoicing, disposition, production, quality management and other company business values (up to 160 values grouped to 8 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) per defined range. With this business control element you can make your business processes (purchase, sale) and development transparent. Of course you can enter your company key values backdated to use the business programm at once for initiate eventually necessary countermeasures. This program can help companys to learn from their data. So this business control element can make your business processes and development transparent. The program becomes at once or from day to day (by your business value input) more valuable.That means, that the program becomes  more valuable from day to day by your KPI input. This program can be valuable for small (5-49 employees) and middle big companys (50-299 employees). It becomes more and more worth by your individually daily input with up to 160 of your free definable business values.  The program is self explanatory and intuitiv, so that further explanation and documentation is not necessary. You find and can initialize or change the basic settings of the program in the access program add-ins. The Program is usable from MS Access 2007 up (*.accdb).  If you whish, I can customize the program for you  for a daily rate of 520.- € plus 19 % VAT. After receiving the purchase price I send you the programm immediately to your e-mail adress. This KPI-Program framework can be customized by me or yourself in between a few minutes (depending on the numbers of values). For the program structure see the following 8 screenshots and the KPI Download . Complete functionallity for testing is only on site Testdata 01 and Testdata 06! Order the full version of the program by e-mail to: or by telefon: 0049 172 741 3352 and by paying 119.- € or 476,00.- € to IBAN DE62 6705 0505 0038 8834 70; BIC MANSDE66XXX; Business Program.

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IMPORTANT: Please download first the dao2535.doc from the KPI-homesite, rename the extension .doc to .tlb and store the dao2535.tlb with administrator rights in C:/Windows/System32/


Evaluation site screenshoot (Buy Version!)


Evaluation site (Testversion) with graphic for 1 year


Evaluation site (Testversion) with table view


Evaluation site (Testversion) with example for graphical view over 4 years (Diagrams choosible only for current average values)


Any valid “new current date”